How to mount a monitor without holes

How to Mount a Monitor Without Holes

Having a mounted monitor can make your set-up – whether that be gaming set-up or office space – much more user friendly. However, the downside is that monitors have not historically been designed for the purposes of mounting. Of course, you can buy mountable monitors nowadays, but not everyone is able to splash out on […]

Best TV Stand for Multiple Games Consoles

Best TV Stand for Multiple Games Consoles

Whether you keep things retro with classics like the SNES or the Sega Megadrive or stick to contemporary consoles from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, you want to play in style. Unless you’re a teenage boy, in which case you likely don’t care at all. For those looking to proudly display their video game collection whilst […]

Best Projector Mount

Best Projector Mount

Having a projector is a super fun way to be able to watch films in any room, and it’s a really cool way to create a chill evening at home, or a cute date idea. With a projector, you can also make the screen a lot bigger (as long as you have the wall space […]

Best Vesa Mount

Knowing what kind of mount you need is half the battle when it comes to mounting your TV or monitors. VESA stands for the Video Electronics Standards Association, and it is they who produce the standardizations in mount formats. A VESA mounting pattern is one when the four mounting holes on the back of a […]

How to mount a TV

How to Mount a TV

Traditionally, we would keep our TVs on a TV stand within the living room. TVs used to be a lot more chunky, and so storing them on top of something was the only option. However, TVs have adapted over the years, and now it is very rare that you will find a chunky TV. Instead, […]