How Big is a 55 Inch TV?

Initially, when you read this, you may think that it is a stupid question.

I mean, the answer is clear in the question because of course, a 55 inch TV is 55 inches in size. But the question isn’t actually stupid at all.

While a lot of people understand that a 55 inch TV is a rather large television, a lot of people will be unable to tell you how TVs are measured and what it is that makes this television 55 inches in size.

So when you think about it, it really isn’t a stupid question at all. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at how televisions are measured and also how big a 55 inch TV actually is.

How do you Measure a TV?

Before we take a look at how big a 55 inch TV is, we first need to make it clear how to measure a TV.

There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding how you measure a TV but today we’re clearing it all up. So let’s take a look at how you measure a television.

As you will know, all televisions are advertised with a single number to showcase their size. This number is usually given in inches, and the larger the number, the larger the screen of your television will be.

This measurement is commonly used by lots of people, but an alarming amount of people don’t know how this measurement is calculated.

Televisions are usually rectangular in shape, so a single measurement can’t state how big the television is.

Due to the number normally being quite large, a lot of people think that this number is a measurement of the width of the television.

After all, televisions are often described as widescreen so it would make sense that this measurement is the width of the television. But in fact, it is not.

The measurement that is used to advertise televisions is a diagonal measurement of the screen of the TV. The measurement is taken from corner to corner and excludes the television’s surroundings so that only the screen that will display the picture is included in the measurement.

So if you have tried to measure your 55 inch television and found that the width is smaller than 55 inches this is why.

The width of your television will always be below the diagonal measurement due to the rectangular shape of the television.

So if you have a television at home and you are unsure of its size, all you need to do is take a measuring tape and place it in one corner of the television.

While holding the measuring tape in that corner, stretch it to the corner directly opposite. The distance between these two corners is the measurement of the television.

How Big is a 55 Inch TV?

As we have established, televisions are measured diagonally. Based on this, a 55 inch television is a TV that measures 55 inches when measured diagonally from corner to corner.

While this number gives you a good idea of how large the screen will be, and how good the display will be. It doesn’t really give you much information about the physical size of the television.

While a lot of people purchase a television purely based on the size of the display, this is not always possible. Especially if you have a limited space to store your television.

To be able to tell if a television is suitable for the space that you have, you will not only need to look at the size of the screen but also the measurements of the TV. This will include both the width and height measurements of the television.

Not all 55 inch TVs will be the same size. They will all share the same size screen, but the physical size of the television will depend on how much of a border the television has.

Traditionally, televisions would have large borders. But traditionally, televisions would also not be flat screens.

As flat-screen televisions grew in popularity, the size of television borders shrunk and now the majority of TVs have next to no borders surrounding the screen.

Based on the assumption that your TV is one of these, most 55 inch televisions will actually measure 47.9 x 27 inches (W x H). Which is significantly less than the 55 inches you may expect the width to be.

So now that you know how big a 55 inch TV is, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can tell if a 55 inch television is the right option for you.

Is a 55 Inch TV Right for Me?

As we have established, a 55 inch TV isn’t actually 55 inches in size.

You must consider this when you are thinking about buying a new television for your home. To help you to decide if a 55 inch TV is right for you, we’ve put together these quick tips.

The best way to see if a 55 inch TV is right for you is by measuring the space that you are considering putting the television. If you have a specific area where the television will go, this part is easy.

All you need to do is measure the space where you want to place the TV. As long as the gap measures more than 47.9 inches in width and 27 inches in height then a 55 inch TV will fit in the space.

Alternatively, if you have a lot of space where you could potentially fit a 55 inch TV but are struggling to find the right place we would recommend constructing a paper television in the measurements that a 55 inch television would be.

You can then use pins to attach the paper construction to different locations in the room until you find the space that is perfect for you.


In short, a 55 inch television is a television whose screen measures 55 inches when the measurements are made diagonally from corner to corner.

However, the actual measurements of a 55 inch television are roughly 47.9 x 27 inches in size but this can differ depending on the size of the border around the television’s screen.