How Far Should You Sit From a 65 TV

How Far Should You Sit From a 65 TV?

When you buy a new TV, especially a very large one, placing it in the right position in your room is much more important than you might think. This is of course related to how far you should sit from the TV. Sitting at the right distance from your television set will ensure the best viewing experience with minimal issues.

You might not know this, but not sitting at the right distance from your TV can cause a few different problems, and this true whether you sit too far from it or too close as well. So, how far should you sit from a 65 inch TV? It’s the main question we’re here to take care of today, but we also want to tackle this issue in a more general and broader way. On a side note, the type of TV you have will make a difference here as well.

Problems With Being Too Far From Your TV

Ok, so let’s start off by talking about some of the main issues which can arise if you are sitting too close to your massive 65 inch TV screen. Surprisingly enough, sitting too far from your TV can be just as bad as sitting too close.

For one, if you are sitting far from your TV, even if you have a large one with excellent picture clarity, it will still be a bit difficult to see the finer details. This is the same for anything you see really, because the further your eyes are away from whatever you want to see, the harder it will be.

This point is closely related to the first one, because if you are sitting too far from the TV, you will really need to concentrate to see what is going on. In the worst case scenario, you will end up straining your eyes and making them tired, potentially giving yourself a killer headache.

Also, keep in mind that if you have a TV without speakers, if you are too far from the TV, you might be able to hear the loud stuff like screaming and gunshots, but hearing quiet sounds, even normal talking, may be very difficult. You will keep having to turn the volume up just to hear what is going on.

Problems With Being Too Close to Your TV

Of course sitting too close to your TV also can cause a number of problems. What your parents probably said is not true — you won’t go blind from sitting too close, but that said, it’s definitely not the best way to watch TV. So, what are some problems that arise with sitting too close to that glorious 65” screen?

Sitting too close to your TV may not be a massive deal if you have a super high quality screen with tons of pixels. If you have a great TV, the picture should still be very clear and high quality. However, if you don’t have a TV with 4K resolution, if you sit too close, you might actually be able to see individual pixels, which of course does not look great.

Another problem that can arise from sitting too close to your TV is eye strain. The eye strain caused by sitting too close is much worse than eye strain caused by sitting too far, and the end result is always tired eyes accompanied by a headache.

If you sit too close to your TV, and it’s a big 65 inch screen, you will have to move your head back and forth, or at least move your eyes back and forth to see the whole picture. Sitting too close might mean that you actually cannot see the whole picture at once.

The other problem that may arise has to do with volume. If you are only using the speakers built into the TV, you will be able to hear the quiet stuff just fine, but when the loud scenes come along, you might just blow out your ear drums.

How Far To Sit From a 65” TV

Now that you know what the problems are with sitting either too close to or too far from the TV, let’s go over what the optimal viewing distance actually is. Seeing as the optimal viewing difference will change depending on the TV type, this is something else we will go over.

1080P HD TV

With a normal 1080P HD TV, a pretty decent unit, you should sit between 8 and 13 feet away. The lower quality image means that you have to sit a bit further away to eliminate eye strain and to ensure that you don’t see individual pixels.

4K Ultra HD TV

If you have a 4K ultra HD TV, a seriously high-quality unit, you should sit between 5.5 and 8 feet away from it. This should eliminate any problems that can arise in terms of viewing distance. As you can see, due to the increased quality of a 4K TV, you can in fact sit a little closer to it than with a lower quality unit.

TV Placement – Conclusion

Yes, 65 inch televisions look awesome, which is even truer if you have a great 4K ultra HD TV. However, a large screen such as this is only a good thing if you have enough room to sit far enough away from it to provide you with the best experience.

If you have limited space, such as in a small room or even an apartment, you might want to invest a bit extra into a 4K TV, so you can sit a bit closer to it. However, if you have more space to deal with, something with a slightly lower quality will do because there is enough space to work with.

Whatever the case may be, never sit too close or too far from your TV, or else you won’t have the best viewing experience possible.