How Far to Sit from TV

You may remember your parents warning you not to sit too close to the TV, well moms are always right.

You may not get square eyes from watching TV too closely, but you should keep a safe distance from your TV screen when watching.

When we want to watch a movie, we often want to find the prime sitting location.

Whether that is at home, in the most comfortable sofa spot, or in the local cinema, you want to find the best place to watch the big screen.

Most people naturally select a nice spot at a healthy distance from the screen. For example, when you go to see that big action movie at the cinema, you never pick the front row.

The seats towards the middle or back always have the best viewing location! The same goes for watching TV; you will not want to sit right in front of it to watch your favorite show!

So how far should you be sitting from the TV?

How Far to Sit from TV

how far to sit from TV

The general rule of thumb is to always sit between 1.5 and 2.5 times the measurement of the TV away from it.

This is the diagonal measurement of the screen, in which companies gauge how big their TVs are.

For instance, if you have a 55 inch TV, you will need to sit 1.5-2.5 times the screen size away, so 6.9 feet-11.5 feet away from the screen.

This is done by multiplying the inch size of the TV by 1.5, and then dividing that number by 12 to get the number of feet that you should sit away from the TV.

You will also want to consider the angle at which you view your television. For the best visual results, you will want to watch your TV at a straight-on angle, from a height where your eyes can naturally be level with the center of the screen.

For example, you do not want to be looking through the sides of your eyes, or straining to look up high to see the screen, as this can hurt your eyes!

However, this is just a recommendation, and a guide for the best results, but if you are comfortable with where you are sitting, and your eyes are not strained, then it is down to your personal preference where you sit.

Why You Should Not Sit Too Close to the TV

In the 60s and 70s, parents would often warn children not to sit too close to the TV to watch it, because of the radiation older TVs could produce.

Nowadays, this is not an issue, but you still should not watch TV too closely. This is because it can cause a temporary eye strain, headaches, and even seizures.

Staring at devices with LED or LCD screens such as TVs, smartphones, or tablets for extended periods of time can actually overstimulate your eyes and brain, making it very hard to sleep or to switch off.

How far to sit from a 50” TV?

Most people will try to get the largest TV that they can afford, and fit into their homes.

Whilst this may be a great idea for watching big movies, it may not actually fit comfortably within the room.

For instance, the TV may be too large for smaller interiors, and you will not be able to sit at a safe distance away from it.

If you are unsure what size TV is best for your home, you can use this guide to see which size will be best suited to your needs.

In addition, if you are trying to gauge where the best viewing location is to watch your TV, then we have this handy guide for you!

Television Screen Size Recommended Distance To Watch (in feet)


3.25’ – 5.5’ (1 m-1.7 m)


4.0’ – 6.66’ (1.2 m – 2.0 m)


4.63’ – 7.71’ (1.4 m – 2.4 m)


5.0’ – 8.33’ (1.5 m – 2.5 m)


5.25’ – 8.75’ (1.6 m – 2.7 m)


5.75’ – 9.5’ (1.7 m – 2.9 m)


6.25’ – 10.5 (1.9 m – 3.2 m)


6.5’ – 10.8’ (2 m – 3.3 m)


6.9’ – 11.5’ (2.1 m – 3.5 m)


7.25’ – 12’ (2.2 m – 3.7 m)


7.5’ – 12.5’ (2.3 m – 3.8 m)


8.13’-13.5’ (2.5 m- 4.1 m)

How Far to Sit from a 4K TV

While you may be able to work out where the best spot to watch your TV is from the guide above, you may have to alter this slightly depending on the type of TV that you own, in order to see everything clearly.

For instance, you may have purchased a 4K TV with the promise that you will be able to see everything in crisp, clear view for better clarity and viewing pleasure.

4K images are incredibly precise, however if you are sitting too far away from the TV, then you will not be able to see anything in great detail.

On the other hand, sitting too close to your 4K television screen will mean that you will be able to see the individual pixels that make up the incredibly clear image.

If you have a 4K TV, then it is best for you to use the 1.5 times measurement to find that sweet spot. Try not to sit any closer or further away than that so that you can enjoy the crystal clear images, without pixelation or blurriness.


In summary, if you are looking for the perfect location to watch your big screen TV without straining your eyes, then you will want to sit around 1.5 to 2.5 times the measurement of your TV away from it.

Simply find the diagonal size of your TV, multiply it by 1.5-2.5, and then divide by 12 to find the distance (in feet) that you should sit, and enjoy your movie nights much better than before!