How high should a TV be mounted on a wall

How High Should a TV be Mounted on a Wall?

Mounting your flat-screen TV at the optimum position will give you the best view and experience while watching it. 


So, how high should a TV be mounted on a wall? 

There are several advantages that come with installing a TV on the wall, and one of them is that it saves you space. It is, therefore, a convenient move for someone living in a small house.

However, the decision to mount your TV  raises the question, how high should a TV be mounted on a wall?

To get the optimum wall height for your TV, you will have to take a few measurements. Some people estimate the height and just mount it in any position on the wall. Discerning the ideal height is a more complex process that includes several factors.

These aspects include:

  • The size of your TV
  • The viewing distance
  • The viewing angle and the eye-level from the floor

During the mounting process, the size of your television plays a significant role in how high it will be mounted. When measuring the height of your TV from the floor, the distance should be from the floor to the center of the TV. 

Some people make the error of measuring this distance from the floor to the bottom or top of the TV. Each TV, whether a 32-inch screen or a 55-inch screen, will need to be mounted at different positions.

The viewing distance

This is the distance from the television to the viewer. The ideal range varies based on the size of your flat-screen TV. The most common method people use to determine the viewing distance is by dividing the size of the screen by 0.55.

You can check the size of your TV on the box, the user manual it came with or the label on the back of the TV. Alternatively, you can find out by measuring the distance of your screen diagonally.

The viewing angle and the eye-level from the floor

The eye level is your line of vision from the floor when you are seated. The center of your TV screen should be aligned with your eye level. 

If placed at any point higher than that, the angle difference should not be more than 30 degrees, however, 30 degrees is actually a bit extreme, and the recommended optimum angle is between 10-15 degrees.

There are a few factors that influence your eye level. The two main ones are your height and the height of your seats and cushions. Therefore, each person has a different eye level, and you should measure yours to find out what it is.

Most of the action on a TV occurs in the center one-third of the screen. Therefore, that section is where your eyes need to be focused on. Watching your TV at extreme angles will cause discomfort because you will be forced to crane your neck for too long.

How high should a TV be mounted on a wall? –  optimum height when mounting a TV on a wall

Use a pencil to mark a spot on the wall showing where the center of our TV should be when you mount it.
Place the mount on the wall, aligning it with the mark showing where the TV center will be. Mark the points where the screw holes will be drilled, as well.

Drill the holes and install the mount. Provided your mount connects to the center of the television, you will have placed it at the right height.

If you don’t want to go through all the hustle of calculating the optimal viewing distance and distance from the floor, below are the measurements to use as a reference. All measurements are in inches.

TV size – 42

Optimal viewing distance – 76

Optimal height from the floor – 56

TV size – 55

Optimal viewing distance – 100

Optimal height from the floor – 55

TV size – 65

Optimal viewing distance – 118

Optimal height from the floor – 65

TV size – 70

Optimal viewing distance – 127

Optimal height from the floor – 67

The best way to go about mounting your TV on the wall is to have a professional do it for you. However, if you feel up to the task and would like to try a DIY job, then the measurements in the table above should provide a guide on how high should a TV be mounted.

Because of how people vary in terms of comfort, you can try a trial and error method to figure out which is the optimum height for your TV. Have two friends come over and hold the TV. They will then adjust it up and down while you watch it until you get a position where you feel comfortable.

Mounting above a fireplace

Mounting your TV above a fireplace is not a good idea. On most occasions, the TV will be too high because of the height of the fireplace. Moreover, it exposes your TV to the risk of being damaged by heat or smoke particles that find their way inside it.

Watching TV like this will give you a stiff neck and make it difficult to watch it for many hours.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you may have no option but to mount your TV above a fireplace because of the orientation of the room or limited space.

If you don’t use that fireplace, then use an adjustable mount for your TV. An adjustable mount allows you to tilt the TV at different angles. You can then lean it forward until you get a comfortable viewing angle.

How High Should A TV Be Mounted On A Wall


The answer to “how high should a TV be mounted on a wall?” is that it should be at a position where you can watch it for hours without getting tired from leaning back too much. 


This position is never far from the one you get when you carry out the measurement of the viewing distance and eye level.


If you find yourself craning your neck too much, or having to continually readjust yourself to watch it more comfortably, consider changing the TV’s position. Also, remember to choose a side of the wall that has minimal glare to give you maximum comfort and to avoid hurting your eyes.

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