How wide is a 65" TV

How Wide is a 65 inch TV?

Flat screen TV’s have become more accessible and more affordable than ever. As screen sizes have increased the costs have reduced considerably.  The large TV market used to mainly consist of 55″ flat screens however, the 65″ is the new favourite.


According to ‘Statista’ 11.7% of TV sales in 2019 are 65″ in size, that’s an increase of 2.9% on last year. This figure is only going to increase as the cost of 65″ displays drop. 

How wide is a 65 inch TV?

TV sizes vary between brands. See below some popular brands and their approximate 65 inch tv dimensions in inches

* sizes are approximate
How Wide is a 65 inch TV

65″ TV Dimensions

So what do these measurements mean?

65″ is actually the diagonal measurement of the screen. The earlier flat screen TV’s used to be larger than the screen diagonal because the bezel of the TV was larger, this was due to old technology requiring the lighting to be housed in the bezel area. The latest TV’s have LED back-lighting or edge lit LED lighting, LED technology has enabled the bezel size to be dramatically reduced to the point that most modern TV’s it is barely noticeable.

OK, so you’ve chosen a TV and the display measurements confirm that it will fit on your wall, however, there are other considerations before you take the plunge.


65″ TV Viewing Distance


How Wide Is A 65 TV

Modern 4K TV have many more pixels than their Full HD predecessors. In fact they have approximately 8 million pixels which is about x4 what a 1080p TV can display.

This being said as the pixel density is higher for 4K you can sit closer to the TV without blurring or distortion. For a 65″ 4K display you could sit from 5 – 8 feet from the TV for optimal image quality. This differs from the Full HS (1080p) TV which due to lower pixel density will be between 8 –  13 feet.

Other Considerations

Of course the other consideration is how is it going to look? Big TV screens can dominate a room, especially when they are switched off leaving a big black rectangle on your wall! A smaller room may benefit from a smaller TV that you could sit closer to thus achieving a similar viewing experience without compromising your room aesthetics.