wall mount tv where to put cable box

TV On Wall, Where to Put Cable Box?

Wall Mount TV - Where To Put Your Cable Box

Behind The TV?

Its all well and good mounting your nice shiny TV on the wall but most of us connect a cable box or a Blu-ray Player or an Apple TV or a….. you get the idea, there are often things connected to the TV that will have to go somewhere. 

You could locate your cable box in a cabinet under the TV but the whole idea of mounting your flat screen television is often to de-clutter and make more space by remove the TV cabinet.

So part of specifying the right TV mount for your TV relates to this very question.


Streaming Devices

Lets start with a household staple, the Apple TV, you could just simply velcro it to the back of your screen but there is a better way of mounting it to the wall or the back of your TV which also allows for easy removal for those power reset’s you may have to perform!

A great company I’ve stumbled across has a number of solutions for different sizes of equipment enabling them to be wall mounted, the company is called HIDEit Mounts

These guys have covered all bases from mounting a small general device with a universal solution



to specific device’s such as an Nvidia Shield

Games Consoles

They even have Playstation and Xbox consoles covered…









Playstation’s and Xbox’s are large games consoles so I would suggest you mount your flat screen television on an Articulating Bracket so you can push it back as far as possible allowing for enough clearance and future access.

Other Equipment

If you have some obscure equipment you would like to fix behind your TV then the other option is to use a universal media device mounting bracket which is designed to bolt to the VESA mount on the back of your TV

This solution includes all the hardware and straps to secure your device.

Samsung One Connect Box


Finally and for Samsung fans one of the more important issues with fitting a TV on the wall is the One Connect Box. 

This is a separate input/output connection box that is used for the Q7 and up range of Samsung Smart TV’s. It’s a great idea, you have one thin cable that connects to your TV which is less conspicuous than a bunch of HDMI cables, however, If you want to fix your television to the wall you will have to consider where this box is going to go.

The recent versions of the One Connect Box is huge – 

Hiding Your Samsung One Connect Box

There are some in wall mounts available for this from HIDEit mounts. If you want the screen to be as flat as possible and you are mounting your display onto stud-work then there are ‘behind TV boxes’ available to house this and other components. You could even cut one of these AV Enclosures into a block-work.


There is a UK company Future Automation that also make these kind of solutions which also allow a TV bracket to be recessed inside for that super sleek finish!

In A Cupboard?

If you have a cupboard nearby or on the other side of the wall you could remotely locate the cable box.
depending on the wall construction this could be simple but you must consider the size of the cables that will need to be fed through the holes made. Power plugs can be removed and re-terminated, however HDMI cables cannot so easily be re-made as there are 19 very small wires inside the sheath of this type of cable.
Other consideration are control. Most cable boxes are controlled using an InfraRed (IR) remote control, this requires line of sight to operate. You can but extenders which are able to repeat the InfraRed signals such as the BAFX IR Repeater Kit

This works by running the infraRed receiver wire from the cupboard or remote location to the display.  

In A Media Cabinet

If you have lots of devices that you simply cannot do without such as cable box, blu-ray player, games console etc then you can still use a media cabinet.
A TV hovering above the cabinet can actually look quite cool, especially if you are able to hide the cables from the display into the wall for that super clean finish. 

So those are a few solutions to the question  – where to put cable box?

Using these mounts will  require careful consideration to which type of mounting TV Bracket to use. 

Most Flat to Wall Brackets will fit too close for all but an AppleTV box to sit behind, as mentioned above this is where the Articulating TV Bracket can be used.



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