TV on wall

How to Install a TV Bracket – Video

Check out this great video from Digital Trends

This video is aimed at the US market but is very similar to what we do here in the UK, the only difference is the type of wiring and sockets shown in the video

For an in-wall box solution I would recommend the Syncbox

The Syncbox is a versatile recessed socket box that allows for a 13A plug and/or TV and network connections to be fully recessed into the wall thus allowing for a slim TV wall bracket to be used.

For installations where you do not have a plasterboard (hollow) wall but have a block wall you have the option of chasing the cables into the wall which we would recommend employing  an electrician to do or you can use a trunking systems to conceal them.

D-line Mini cable trunking can be used to conceal cable from a socket position to up behind a wall mounted TV

The Trunking has a self adhesive backing so does not require drilling and screwing to the wall. 

to suit various decors in comes in a number of colours:

Colours available

  • aluminium effect
  • Black
  • White
  • Magnolia
  • Oak Effect