Expensive TV brackets

Why are some wall mount TV brackets more expensive than others?

OK, so we’ve all searched on Amazon and found items that are way more expensive than a counterpart that appears to be the same thing…. or is it?

 TV brackets are no different because when looking for a mount for your TV you will not only notice there are so many different types available but they vary in price considerably.

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OWe all tend to go the best value options when buying things, however, consider how much you may have spent on your TV? it could be thousands!

If you have spent a lot of money on the latest and greatest OLED TV you could assume that you should buy the latest and greatest wall bracket to fix your pride and joy to the wall

 The function of the TV bracket is not the only to hold the TV efficiently and safely to the wall as there are many other features that can affect the cost. 

 The more expensive versions do tend to be easier to fit as they offer more adjustment and fixing kits that allow for the majority of types of TV. They also often have other features like cable management, or clip on covers that tidy things up behind the TV. 

As with most things in life you usually get what you pay for so don’t always opt for the cheapest TV bracket out there. If a TV bracket cost £10 or so then consider how have they managed to actually produce this for so little cost? Are the materials used really going to be up to the standard of the higher priced TV brackets?

Talking of standards, there are independent organisations that perform strict testing in Europe and the U.S such as TUV, CE and UL ratings, you would have already seen these on many other products you own. These standards assure customers that the claims and specification of the product is correct and can be trusted. trusted TV bracket manufacturers adhere to these and other standards of quality and craftsmanship.

I have personally installed lots of TV’s using various TV brackets and found some to be a real challenge and others to be really simple and intuitive. Remember, just because something is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean its good value for money.

Before buying your TV bracket be sure to check the following points before selecting your TV bracket

1. Check what kind of weight they can hold

2. Check the size of TV they can accommodate

3. Check the spacing of the bolts (VESA Pattern)

4. Ensure you purchase through a reliable source