Why Wall Mount a TV?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like something was out of place? its often a TV dominating the space in the corner of the room or balanced on top of a cabinet. The way you arrange furnishings and accessories in your house determines its look and feel. It all narrows down to clever use of space and the positioning of seemingly insignificant accessories. While most people focus on the larger furniture, the position of your TV can have a huge impact on the functionality and aesthetics of your home. 

Mounting your TV on the wall is one of the most efficient ways to make use of available space and enjoy several benefits compared to placing your TV on a stand.

Benefits of Wall Mounting Your TV

Save space
Today, a lot of people are embracing minimalism. A minimally occupied space is not only appealing to the eyes but also easier to navigate and maintain. Mounting your TV on the wall with a wall bracket will help you save space in two ways; 

  • The space above a TV sitting on a stand is often left bare. If this space is put to good use, then the lower parts of a room will be less cluttered with accessories. 
  • mounting your TV on the wall replaces buying a TV cabinet, which consumes a lot of space.


A wall mounted TV is definitely appealing. In today’s modern home there is no desire to clutter a room with furniture but to embrace the minimalist approach.

Even in a traditional space a wall mounted TV can be complemented with a mirror frame, or a picture-frame which will allow it to disappear within the decor.

Convenient viewing

Let’s be honest, sometimes we all want to lazy around in sweat pants with popcorn (or a beer) enjoying a Game of Thrones episode while lying on a couch or the bed. Other times, we want to cook and watch TV at the same time, but that’s not possible if you can’t Tilt or Angle your TV.

TV wall brackets allows you the options to rotate and swivel your TV in different directions. This enables more freedom to watch your TV from different parts of the house. With a mounted TV, you can conduct multiple activities and still catch your favourite show


Mounting your TV on a wall is definitely a worthy move. You’ll enjoy both aesthetic and functional benefits and your investment is a long-lasting one given that TV mounts are never out of fashion, unlike entertainment centres and stands. It’s however important to research and choose the best TV wall bracket before making a purchase. Take time to look at our Beginner’s Guide’sBuyers Guide’s to understand your needs and consider the nature of your space before settling on a particular type of mount.