Cantilever Wall Mount Bracket

Best Cantilever TV Bracket Wall Mounts: Ultimate Guide for 2024

Wall mounting televisions have become an increasingly popular way to save space and create a modern look in homes and offices alike. Instead of cumbersome television stands, a wall mount provides a neat, streamlined appearance, and a cantilever TV bracket adds another layer of functionality to this setup. Cantilever wall mounts, specifically, enable the television to extend, tilt, and swivel, offering optimum viewing angles and the flexibility to adjust the screen position according to viewer preference.

When considering a cantilever TV bracket, it’s essential to account for compatibility with your television size and weight. The durability of the materials, range of motion, and the ease of installation are substantial factors, as these determine the mount’s safety and functionality. Buyers should look for a bracket that can securely support their TV’s weight and specifications while allowing for comfortable viewing from different positions within a room.

Before purchasing, it’s also worth noting the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) measurements of your television, which relate to the four mounting holes on the back of the screen. The bracket you choose should match these measurements to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, considering the cable management system and whether the mount allows for tidy organisation of wires can influence the overall aesthetic and ease of use.

We thoroughly examined various cantilever TV bracket wall mounts to determine which offer the best combination of strength, flexibility, and value for money. Now, let us guide you through our findings to help you make an informed decision for an enhanced viewing experience.

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Top Cantilever TV Bracket Wall Mounts

We’ve compiled a list of top cantilever TV bracket wall mounts that cater to various screen sizes and weights, safeguarding your televisual investment with a sturdy and flexible viewing experience. Our selection is based on extensive research, considering factors such as ease of installation, build quality, and user feedback. Whether you require full-motion adjustment or a secure low-profile setup, our recommendations aim to meet your specific viewing needs and room configurations.

Mounting Dream Full Motion Mount

We believe this TV wall mount is a solid choice for those seeking a durable and flexible mounting solution.


  • Strong build quality enhances safety
  • High adjustability for optimal viewing angles
  • Straightforward installation process


  • Not suitable for drywall-only installation
  • Could be heavy for some users to manage alone
  • Limited to a maximum weight of 45 kg

The Mounting Dream Full Motion Mount is sturdy and reliable, making it an excellent support for our TV. Its six articulating arms offer the confidence we need that our screen is secure and we are particularly appreciative of the full motion capabilities it provides. Swivelling the TV left or right to suit different seating positions turns out to be a cinch.

The tilt and swivel features are life-savers for combating screen glare and improving the overall viewing experience. We’ve found the -5° to +15° tilt function particularly useful. Despite its sturdiness, the bracket is quite nimble – extending, retracting, and levelling the TV with minimal effort.

Installation was far less of a hassle than anticipated, thanks to the clear instructions and well-organised hardware. Even those of us less DIY-inclined found the process manageable, and the added touches like the paper template and cable clips were thoughtful and practical. It’s clear the design is geared towards a fuss-free setup.

In summary, the Mounting Dream Full Motion Mount has met our expectations for a robust and user-friendly TV mounting solution. It’s a product we’d confidently recommend, especially when considering that help is just a call away if any installation queries arise.

USX MOUNT Full Motion Bracket

If you’re in the market for a robust and flexible TV mount, we strongly suggest considering the USX MOUNT Full Motion Bracket for its durability and adjustability.


  • Easy to set up with clear instructions
  • Sturdy build supporting a wide range of TV sizes
  • Excellent range of motion for optimal viewing


  • Concrete anchors not included by default
  • May require assistance to mount heavier TVs
  • Limited downward tilt for above-eye-level mounting

Having recently fitted our 75-inch TV with the USX MOUNT Full Motion Bracket, we were impressed by the ease of installation. The bracket came prepared with clearly labelled hardware and an easy-to-follow instruction manual, simplifying the whole process. Its sturdiness gave us peace of mind, ensuring the safety of our sizeable investment.

The range of movement with this mount is commendable; swivelling and tilting the TV was smooth and effort-free. We could adjust the screen to reduce glare or cater to different viewing positions around the room. Especially beneficial was the post-installation adjustment feature, allowing us to fine-tune the TV’s level to perfection.

Aesthetically, the mount retracts to a mere 2.40 inches from the wall, keeping the setup looking sleek and tidy. This feature not only added to our room’s overall decor but also freed up valuable space. When extended fully, the mount held its ground, even with our hefty TV attached.

In sum, the USX MOUNT Full Motion Bracket stands as an excellent option for those who value flexibility and reliability in a TV mount. With our direct experience, we’ve found it to be a top performer in its category.

Sanus Swivel TV Bracket

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We think the Sanus VLF728 (B2) is a stellar choice for anyone seeking a reliable and sleek TV mount that enhances viewing flexibility.


  • Unmatched manoeuvrability for the perfect viewing angle
  • Robust build quality that promises stability
  • Streamlined aesthetic that complements modern interiors


  • Premium price point may be a deterrent for some
  • Complexity in installation could be challenging
  • Weight of the bracket may require additional support during setup

After setting up the Sanus VLF728 (B2) in our living space, the improvement in our TV viewing experience was immediate. The bracket’s FluidMotion design allowed us to effortlessly swivel and tilt the TV, making it simple to find the ideal angle. This proved invaluable, especially in rooms where daylight glare or seating positions vary.

The Sanus VLF728 (B2) impressed us with its sturdiness. The ultra-strong steel frame gave us peace of mind, knowing our TV was secured firmly to the wall. We noticed no hint of drifting or unexpected shifting – a testament to the Steady Set technology the product boasts.

Aesthetically, the mount’s sleek brushed metal was a perfect match for our modern décor. Its ability to hold the TV a mere 2.15 inches from the wall provided a clean, minimalist look that did justice to our slim television. Yet, it’s crucial to note that the robust build and the multifaceted movement mechanism come at a premium cost and installing it was a bit more complex than your average TV mount, requiring careful reading of the instructions. Despite the slight hurdles during installation, we’re convinced the Sanus VLF728 (B2) is a superb investment for those prioritising flexibility and design in their TV setup.

Buying Guide

Considerations for a Cantilever TV Bracket

When shopping for a cantilever TV bracket wall mount, we need to evaluate several critical features to ensure we select the best product for our needs.

Screen Size and Compatibility
Firstly, we must confirm the bracket is suitable for our TV’s size and VESA mounting pattern. The VESA standard refers to the distance between the mounting holes on the back of our TV, and it’s imperative that the bracket matches this specification.

Feature Description
Screen Size Compatible TV screen sizes (inches)
VESA Compatibility Distance between mounting holes (mm)

Weight Capacity
The bracket must be capable of safely supporting the weight of our TV. Overloading a bracket could result in damage to both the TV and the wall.

Feature Description
Weight Capacity Maximum load (kg)

Range of Motion
We must consider the types of movement offered by the cantilever arm. Tilt, swivel, and extend features allow us to view the television from various angles and distances.

Feature Description
Tilt Vertical angle adjustment (°)
Swivel Horizontal rotation capability (°)
Extend Extension from the wall (cm)

Build Quality and Material
A durable construction from high-quality materials ensures longevity and safety. Typically, steel offers the best durability.

Installation and Cable Management
Ease of installation is another aspect we should take into account. Clear instructions and included hardware can simplify the process. Additionally, a good bracket design often incorporates a way to manage cables, keeping the area neat.

Wall Type Suitability
Our choice should be compatible with the type of wall we plan to mount our TV on, whether it’s plasterboard, brick, or another material. Correctly suited hardware prevents damage and ensures a secure installation.

By considering these crucial factors, we can choose a cantilever TV bracket wall mount that meets all our requirements for a secure and flexible TV viewing experience.