Articulating TV Wall Bracket

Mounting your TV on the wall is a great way to free up space in your home and rid your house of unsightly TV cables and clutter, however, without an articulating TV wall mount you can struggle to see the TV from your desired sitting location. 

Buying a wall mount that not only securely holds your TV and prevents it from the real danger of falling off of the wall, but also articulates so that you can turn it at your will, is the best way to ensure that you can enjoy your TV whenever you want to watch.


There’s a lot to love about this articulating TV wall mount, which is why it is the best value option on the market. 

It’s made from a combination of steel and heavy-duty aluminium, which means that it is incredibly strong and durable and won’t easily break. Thanks to the included mounting hardware and bubble level, it’s easier than ever to ensure that the TV is mounted correctly on the wall. 

Additionally, it offers 15 degrees of tilt so that users can immediately get rid of any glare on their screen, ensuring a great TV watching experience every time. 

Finally, this mount swivels from left to right for up to 180 degrees, allowing everyone to watch the TV.

It can be tricky to find a TV wall mount that won’t break the budget, but is still durable and reliable enough that you won’t have to worry about your TV being damaged when you use it. 

This is a great budget-friendly option for anyone who wants to mount their TV, but doesn’t have a lot of extra money to buy the mount.

It has a lower maximum load of just 25 kg, so it’s important to ensure that the TV doesn’t exceed that weight limit. We would recommend this mount be used for smaller TV’s from 26-49″

People who have larger TVs need to be willing to invest in a slightly more expensive option that will be able to hold the additional weight of their TV

This option from ECHOGEAR is a great choice for anyone who has a TV up to 59 kgs, as it can easily support this weight without problems. 

The bracket can pull from 2.6” to 16” out from the wall and offers free tilting and swivelling in all directions. Since this mounting bracket can easily be mounted on 16” studs without a lot of work or difficulties. 

TVs with curved screens will require a slightly different mounting bracket to ensure that the TV is supported and isn’t at risk of falling or otherwise being damaged. 

This mount not only easily cradles curved TVs without any danger of them being broken, but also comes with high speed cables so that users can plug in their TVs right away.

The ultra slim design is great for smaller TVS, as this mount can support up to 36.2 kg in weight.

It additionally comes with a 25-year product warranty, which is incredible on a mount and ensures that any problems with the mount will be quickly addressed by the company, giving the user peace of mind.

One of the great features about this wall mount is that it is built using gas strut, which allows users to easily shift and adjust the position of the Monitor or TV using the spring pivot joint. The hidden cable management system is designed to keep all unsightly cords and cables out of sight, ensuring a sleek and appealing look. Sure, this is predominantly designed for use as a computer monitor bracket but with the all-directions flexibility and movement, it’s also suitable for a small TV in the kitchen or bedroom able to be angled in the perfect direction.

TVs that are between 30” and 70” can easily fit on this option, allowing users to easily adjust and shift the position of their screen without any problems. It works well on plasma flat screens, LCD, and LED screens. 

Thanks to the durable steel construction, this unit is very heavy, but this means that it offers plenty of protection when used correctly. 

Unlike most TV mounts that must be placed on a flat wall, this option fits easily into corners, allowing users the ability to tuck the TV out of the way. 

Adjusting the mount arms allows users to choose between off centred or centred corner installations

As you can see, there are a number of great articulating TV wall mounts available, but you do have to do a little research to find the one that is the right fit for you.

 No matter if you are looking for a wall mount that won’t break the bank, one for an oversized TV, or one that is very easy to use, you can easily find one that will improve your TV watching and help you make the most out of any TV or movie that you decide to view.