best ceiling TV mount of 2020

Best Ceiling TV Mount of 2020

If you have a flat screen TV and want to mount it to your ceiling, you will need the proper ceiling mount and hardware. Finding a good ceiling TV mount is not all that easy, especially because there are so many choices to consider. Today we want to help you find the best ceiling TV mount of 2020.

Best Ceiling TV Mounts: Reviews

VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount

This is a highly versatile ceiling TV mount which is designed to fit both flat and sloped ceilings. In terms of positional adjustments, it is one of the more versatile options out there as well.

Once you have it attached to the ceiling, you can then move the height of the TV between 19.4 and 34.7 inches from the ceiling in 2 inch increments. The whole thing is actually very easy to install.

The VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount can tilt forward 15 degrees and backward 5 degrees, plus it can swivel 360 degrees and rotate 90 degrees, so it should be easy to find the right viewing position.

Keep in mind that this product is designed to hold flat panel televisions weighing up to 66 pounds. It should work with most TVs that have normal mounting hole – VESA patterns, plus it also allows for adaptors to be added for various other mounting patterns. This is a very easy to install, basic, and affordable ceiling TV mount.


  • Should work with most TVs
  • Good weight capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable


Not the most durable

WALI TV Ceiling Mount

Here we have a very similar TV mount for ceilings when compared to the one we just looked at. Even the price is virtually the same, well, just a few dollars more.

This option has a very high weight capacity, as it can hold TVs up to 110 pounds and up to 65 inches. The WALI TV Ceiling Mount is made with a heavy-duty steel construction, so it should be more than durable enough to last for years to come.

In terms of mounting capabilities, this ceiling mount will fit various hole patterns including 400×400 400×200 300×300 300×200 200×200 200×100 100x100mm. It is also adjustable to fit both sloped and flat ceilings. Once installed, you can adjust the height from 19.4 and 34.7 inches from the ceiling.

Moreover, it can tilt down 25 degrees, it can rotate both ways, and swivel 360 degrees. The ceiling mount tube is also hollow so you can pull your cables through it, just to make things look a little neater.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to mount
  • Very versatile
  • Very high weight capacity


Making adjustments can be a bit difficult

MVPmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount

Here we have a more affordable ceiling TV mount, although not by much. This option is designed more for smaller TVs, as it can hold flat panel TVs up to 42 inches, and it has a maximum weight capacity of just over 60 pounds.

It should be more than good enough for basic home use. What’s pretty cool about the MVPmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount is that it works for angled and flat ceilings, and can also be used for sloped or flat walls.

The MVPmounts Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount has the ability to tilt forwards and backwards, quite substantially, and it does swivel 360 degrees. Once mounted, you can adjust the TV height from 21 to 35 inches.

All of these features allow you to easily find the right viewing position. It’s also a neat option because power and other cables fit neatly inside of the mount, just to make things look a bit neater. Keep in mind though, this is not the most durable option out there, so be a little careful with it.


  • Great for smaller TVs
  • For walls and ceilings, flat and sloped
  • Hides cables
  • Full swivel and tilt
  • Fairly easy to mount
  • Affordable


  • Could be a bit more durable
  • Takes some work to make adjustments

Everstone Full Motion TV Ceiling Mount

If you have a fairly small television you would like to mount on a ceiling, this may be a good option for you. The Everstone Full Motion TV Ceiling Mount can hold a TV between 32 and 55 inches, and up to 33 pounds.

In terms of the mounting hole pattern, it can support up to VESA 400 x 400 millimeter, so it is quite versatile in this regard. Once mounted, the height of the TV can be adjusted to between 19.3” to 29.17” from the ceiling, so you can find the proper height with ease.

Moreover, this mount can tilt 15 degrees backward, and it can swivel 360 degrees as well. We also like how you can hide the TV wires inside of the pole, just to make everything a bit neater. All in all, this is a basic and affordable ceiling mount for smaller television sets.


  • Quite durable
  • Hides wires from sight
  • Can tilt backward and swivel
  • Works for angled and flat ceilings
  • Fine for smaller televisions


  • Relatively low weight capacity
  • Does not tilt forward

Mount-It! MI-509L Telecoping Ceiling Mount

This model from Mount-It! is a much larger and more expensive ceiling mount for TVs that is intended for much bigger and heavier televisions. This particular unit works with televisions up to 70 inches in size, and up to 110 pounds.

The Mount-It! Telescoping Ceiling TV Mount can be used with completely flat or sloped ceilings, plus it can be used for wall mounting as well. Adjusting the height of your TV is made very easy here with the telescoping pole, for nearly 20 inches of height adjustment.

This unit can also tilt 25 degrees downward, plus it can swivel 360 degrees as well. It does also come with an integrated cable management system to help keep everything organized and looking neat.


  • Easy installation
  • Easy swivel and tilt
  • Simple telescopic height adjustment
  • Great for large TVs
  • Superior durability


  • Expensive


Whether you have a large, small, or mid-sized flat screen TV, we have covered ceiling TV mounts for all sizes. We aren’t going to recommend any particular one, as they are all prime candidates, but that said, if you have a large and heavy TV, and you need something durable to last for years, we would probably recommend the Mount-It! MI-509L Telescoping Ceiling TV Mount.