Best iPad wall mount

Best iPad Wall Mount

Installing a wall mount in your home for your iPad can transform your device from a handy tablet to a convenient home control center or miniature TV screen.

This can be extremely useful if you use your iPad for home control apps such as HomeCam or  Wallflower, or the built-in Apple Home app.  

 It’s also great for mounting your screen in your kitchen so that you can easily follow recipes without worrying about getting food all over your iPad screen.

 Alternatively, you may be thinking about purchasing an iPad wall mount for your business, so that clients can view or enter information into the device.

There are lots of different mounts out there, and which one you go for largely depends on what you use your iPad for.

Here are some pointers to consider before choosing a wall mount:  

  • Do you want a mount that you can remove the iPad from, or something more permanent? 
  • Is the mount secure – how likely is it that your iPad or tablet will get broken or tampered with?
  • Who will be using it – what eye level will people be accessing it at?
  • If you need to replace your iPad with a newer model, can the mount accommodate multiple models? Ie. is it adjustable? 
  • How easily can you clean the iPad and the mount? 
  • Does the mount allow space for power cables, so that you can charge your iPad? 
  • Can you access all of the buttons and features of the iPad when it’s mounted?  

Now that you’ve got these points in mind, let’s take a look at the best iPad wall mounts on the market.

Short on time? Find our top pick below…


elago Tablet Wall Mount Compatible with New iPad Mini, Compatible with iPad Pro, Compatible with iPad Air and Compatible with Most iPads, iPad Wall Mount (White) - Fits on Any Wall

Elago Home Hub Mount Designed for iPad Wall Mount


Tablet Wall Mount Magnetic Adsorption,Car Headrest Tablet Mount Holder,Free Fetching,No Borders,for All Under 1980g Tablets-IPad Pro,Galaxy Tab/Note,Nexus,Surface Wall Mount(White&White)

HSTMC Tablet Wall Mount Magnetic Adsorption


AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount, Swivel 360° Rotating Tablet Holder Two Brackets to Fit 6.6-13" Tablets, Horizontal/Vertical Tilt iPad Arm for Flexible Viewing Angles in Kitchen Showroom Retail Store (...

AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount, Swivel 360° Rotating Tablet Holder


Elago Home Hub Mount Designed for iPad Wall Mount

elago Tablet Wall Mount Compatible with New iPad Mini, Compatible with iPad Pro, Compatible with iPad Air and Compatible with Most iPads, iPad Wall Mount (White) - Fits on Any Wall

The Elago Home Hub mount is perfect for mounting your iPad as a home control center.

The iPad is held between two pieces of scratch-free silicone, meaning it’s protected from bumps and scratches, and can easily be inserted or removed when necessary.   

This mount has been designed with usability in mind. It’s super easy to install, as all the necessary screws and plastic anchors are included with each purchase.

The design also accommodates charging cables: a 7mm space is left between the wall and mount for your charging cable, and you can easily manage the cable with the Elago cable management button.  

We love the wide compatibility of this wall mount.

It fits most iPad models, from iPad Pros to iPad Minis, so if you change your iPad, you needn’t worry about having to purchase a new mount to go with it. 

This also makes the mount incredibly versatile as it can be easily adjusted if multiple users want to insert their iPad into it.  

The overall design of this mount is simple, clean, and minimalistic – so it fits seamlessly into your home.  


  • Accommodates a range of iPad models 
  • Made from scratch-free, non-toxic silicone 
  • Charging cables neatly hidden behind mount 
  • Easy installation 
  • Affordable price 
  • Anti-scratch bump protects iPad from screws 
  • Anti-stick coating


  • You need to remove your iPad case for it to fit 


HSTMC Tablet Wall Mount Magnetic Adsorption

Tablet Wall Mount Magnetic Adsorption,Car Headrest Tablet Mount Holder,Free Fetching,No Borders,for All Under 1980g Tablets-IPad Pro,Galaxy Tab/Note,Nexus,Surface Wall Mount(White&White)

If you’re looking for a highly versatile mount, you’ll be impressed by HSTMC’s magnetic wall mount design, which enables you to attach your iPad to a range of surfaces, from wallpaper to tiles and even glass.

The hidden, frameless design means the screen is left completely unobstructed, and the magnetic adsorption means the iPad can be removed or rotated will ease.

The possibilities are endless with this mount: fix it to a mirror while you’re doing your make-up, or use it in the kitchen to follow recipes or catch up with the news over your morning coffee.  

The great thing about this mount is that it gives you the freedom to remove your iPad whenever you wish, so you don’t have to commit to a permanent mount.

When it’s time to charge your device, you can remove it with ease.

It also gives a clean, sophisticated appearance with no wires hanging down or a bulky plastic frame, as the mount is completely hidden. 

It’s also suitable for pretty much any tablet or smartphone on the market – including the iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini, and pro.

Each purchase comes with two magnetic pads (1 for your tablet and 1 for mobile phone), and 1 magnetic base which uses high-grade 3M one-piece glue, so it can be removed easily without leaving a mark or residue. 


  • Uses magnetic adsorption technology 
  • Minimalist design with no frame or wires 
  • Sticks to a variety of surfaces 
  • Accommodates pretty much any tablet and smartphone 
  • Easily remove or rotate your iPad while it’s mounted 
  • Two magnetic pads included 
  • Simply remove your iPad when it needs charging


  • This is a little riskier than a conventional mount and is likely to be less durable 


AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount, Swivel 360° Rotating Tablet Holder

AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount, Swivel 360° Rotating Tablet Holder Two Brackets to Fit 6.6-13" Tablets, Horizontal/Vertical Tilt iPad Arm for Flexible Viewing Angles in Kitchen Showroom Retail Store (...

The AboveTEK iPad wall mount has a 360° bracket rotation and a horizontal/vertical tilt to provide optimal portrait or landscape viewing angles.

You can also conveniently adjust the mount using the simple push-button mechanism to adapt the fit to a range of devices.

This mount is great for adding an additional screen to your office space, for using recipes in the kitchen, or even following fitness videos. 

The strong joint between the wall mount and bracket provides a solid structure and secure mounting.

The mount comes with 3 screws and wall anchor plugs which provide stability and convenience for both permanent and temporary wall mounting.

The mount also comes with two different sizes of rubber-padded bracket holders to accommodate a variety of iPads and Android tablets.

Despite the sturdy design, this is still light enough to install on drywall, unlike other mounts which can be too heavy.  


  • Rotate and tilt thanks to the flexible mount 
  • Adjustable and accommodates a range of tablet sizes 
  • Durable, sturdy bracket and mount 
  • Can be used for permanent and temporary mounting 
  • Quick-switch to change between holder sizes 
  • Light enough for installing on drywalls 


  • No space to hide charging cables  


iFrame (Black) Interactive Digital Picture Frame

iFrame (Black) – Turn Your iPad into a Beautiful Interactive Digital Picture Frame – Perfect at Home or Work - Includes Table Stand and Wall Mount for All 9.7” iPads

Looking for something a little more stylish?

The iFrame turns any iPad into a decorative digital photo frame that can be installed on your wall or stood on your desk or end table. 

This frame accommodates any 9.7” iPad model of any generation and has been designed to perfectly showcase the iPad’s retina display.  

The iFrame has a durable construction, with a simple genuine wood frame which comes in a choice of three colors: espresso-stained, classic black, or simple white.

The screen is coated to eliminate fingerprints and stains, and the iFrame is more than just a digital photo frame, as you can easily access the touchscreen to use your iPad in your home or business.

We like the fact that there is a discreet hole at the back of the frame that allows you to easily charge your iPad so there’s no need to remove it when it runs out of battery. 

This frame is a little more expensive than others on our list, but it does offer something a little different, as the iFrame can be used as a home control hub, recipe book, TV screen, or digital photo frame, and can be hung on the wall or stood up like a regular photo frame.  


  • Accommodates any 9.7” iPad model of any generation
  • Available in three colors to match your decor 
  • The screen is protected from fingerprints and stains 
  • Can be used as a digital photo frame as well as a mount 
  • Can be mounted on the wall or stood on a table like a regular frame 
  • There is a hole on the back of the frame so you can discreetly charge your iPad


  • The home button isn’t accessible when the iPad is in the iFrame, so you need to enable gesture controls 
  • More expensive than other options 


IPORT LAUNCH (LaunchPort) WallStation iPad Mount

IPORT LAUNCH (LaunchPort) WallStation iPad Mount - Compatible with all LAUNCH Cases for iPad mini, iPad 9.7, 10.2, 10.5 - Black

This option is more of an investment, but the iPort offers a lot of great benefits which makes it worth the money.

The iPort Launch is a charging system that comes in the form of a BaseStation or WallStation for charging, holding, and mounting your iPad.

Thanks to the inductive charging, there’s no need to worry about your iPad running out of juice or where to plug it in from the mount.  

The iPort is also extremely convenient as it provides access to all buttons, microphones, and cameras and allows you to dock and charge your iPad in landscape or portrait mode for ultimate versatility.  

The WallStation is sturdy and reliable, and your iPad is secured to the mount via the iPort case (sold separately).

While this is an extra cost, the iPort case does protect your iPad from drops up to 6 feet – so it’s worth the money when you consider the cost of replacing a broken iPad.   


  • Inductive, wireless charging for ultimate convenience 
  • Access to all of your buttons, microphones, and cameras 
  • Specially designed for iPad 
  • Mount and charge your device vertically or horizontally 
  • Case (sold separately) protects the iPad from drops up to 6 feet 
  • Sturdy, durable, and reliable


  • Expensive, and you need to purchase the iPort case separately to use this mount 

Best Ipad Wall Mount Buying Guide


The main thing when it comes to mounting your iPad is ensuring the iPad is safe and secure, so consider this when looking for a mount.

Pay attention to how the mount is fixed to the wall, and how the iPad is held by the bracket.

The last thing you want is your iPad falling off in the middle of the night and you having to splash out on a new iPad.

This is especially important if you’re looking to mount a larger or heavier iPad, as it’s a greater strain on the mount and wall.  


Does the mount hold your iPad in one position, or can you rotate it and tilt it?

Versatility is a great feature in a mount as it allows you to use your iPad for different things. 

For example, if you need to read something on the screen or want to use your iPad for work-related purposes, it can be useful to have a tilting feature.

Whereas if you want to use it to watch video tutorials or follow fitness videos, it’ll be handy to have the option of rotating the screen so you get the best possible view.  


You want to consider how easily you’ll be able to charge your iPad.

You’ll need to ensure you mount it near a power outlet, and it’s a good idea to ensure the charging port is easily accessible if you want to keep your iPad on the mount while it’s charging.

You may prefer a less permanent mount, which allows you to remove the iPad whenever it needs charging, and, in this case, you needn’t worry too much about where you mount it. 

You may also want to consider whether or not the mount has a hole for you to easily plug your iPad in, or if it conceals your charging cable to maintain a tidier appearance.

There’s also a selective few mounts that allow you to wireless charge your iPad through inductive charging.

These will be more expensive, but they’re also extremely convenient. 

Ease of Installation 

Think about whether or not the iPad wall mount will be easy to install.

For example, does it come with the necessary screws and instructions?

Do you need any tools in order to install it? Also, consider where you will install the mount and whether the wall can take the weight of the mount, otherwise, you may end up having to return a mount that is too heavy.  


Do you want to permanently mount your iPad, or would you prefer to be able to remove it at your own convenience?

If you want a temporary mount that you can easily remove and install in various locations, you won’t want to opt for one that requires a lot of screws to secure it to the wall, as these are designed more for permanent mounting.

There are plenty of temporary mounts on the market that offer more versatile mounting options.  


The great thing about iPad wall mounts is that there are plenty of options on the market, so there’s a wide price range that can accommodate a range of budgets.

How much you spend is entirely up to you, and largely depends on the type of mount you want.

The most popular mounts range from $10 to over $100, with the pricier mounts offering sophisticated features such as induction charging.

If you’re just looking for a basic wall mount you can get away with spending far less, and you’ll probably get the most bang for your buck if you spend between $10 and $35.

Just be wary of anything too cheap or poorly made, as you want to ensure your iPad is securely mounted.  


As we said, there are many different mounting options out there and these come in different styles.

You may wish for a minimalist mount that disguises your charging cable and fits seamlessly into your kitchen, whereas if you’re less fussed on the appearance you may care more about functionality and whether you can adjust or rotate the mount, in which case how it looks will be of less importance.

Alternatively, if you want something stylish and aesthetically pleasing, you may wish to go for something completely different and may like the idea of the iFrame, which doubles as a digital photo frame and a functioning iPad mount that can be mounted to the wall or stood up on a table.

It’s all down to your personal preferences… 

Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I mount my iPad to a wall? 

This depends on the type of wall mount you have, and it’s advised you follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

For example, mounts that are secured by a magnetic system require you to stick the thin magnet piece to the back of your iPad and then attach the larger piece to your wall using the included double-sided tape.

These are super easy to install as you don’t require any tools or screws, however, most mounts will require these to install them – so check the specifications before you purchase to ensure everything you need is included.  

Can you mount an iPad in your car?

Yes, you can.

Some general iPad mounts will allow you to do this if they’re super versatile and can be fixed to a variety of surfaces, but you may wish to invest in a specific car iPad mount. 

You can get mounts that secure to the headrest so your kids can watch movies on long journeys, or you can install a mount in the front to use your iPad as a sat-nav, just be wary of the safety risks of this, and it’s certainly not advisable to use your iPad while driving.  

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