Best Monitor Wall Mount

Best Monitor Wall Mount

If you’re the kind of person who loves films or gaming, you’ve probably considered installing a wall mount for your monitor so you can have the most comfortable viewing experience.

Whether it’s for leisure purposes or a wall mount for your office space if you work from home, there are so many wall mount options on the market that it can seem like a lot to look through and know which one is best for you.

But what is the best monitor wall mount on the market? That’s why you’ve come here and we’ve researched all of the information so you don’t have to look any further. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking you through the top 5 monitor wall mounts on the market as well as a Buyers Guide letting you know everything you need to look for when researching followed by an FAQ where we answer all those questions you may have.

By the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to know about monitor wall mounts and hopefully have an idea of which one is the best one for you.

Don’t have time to read our full article? Here’s our top pick:

Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount

Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket Articulating Arms Swivels Tilts Extension Rotation for Most 13-42 Inch LED LCD Flat Curved Screen TVs & Monitors, Max VESA 200x200mm up to 44lbs by Pipishell

Our top pick is by Pipishell and is their Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount. With full rotation, this is the best wall mount for one monitor on the market.

Made from sturdy alloy steel that ensures that it can withstand the weight of the majority of monitors.

It can be tilted up to 15 degrees meaning that you can choose however you position your monitor which brings a comfortability to your viewing experience.

Great for those who like to game as well as watching TV or film, this Pipishell Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount will last a long time thanks to its durability and quality.

Easy to assemble and install, this wall mount comes with 5 years customer support should you require any technical assistance. 

So what makes this our winner? A fantastic quality product that is made to last a long time, Pipishell have thought of everything in the design and manufacturing of their Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount.

This comes with everything you need to set up the wall mount including the mount itself, the mounting hardware and a user manual giving you easy instructions on how to set it all up.


Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount

Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket Articulating Arms Swivels Tilts Extension Rotation for Most 13-42 Inch LED LCD Flat Curved Screen TVs & Monitors, Max VESA 200x200mm up to 44lbs by Pipish...

Our first pick is from Pipishell with their alloy steel Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount. Highly durable and manufactured to withstand most monitors, this is the perfect wall mount to go for if you are looking to invest in a high-quality product.

This comes with everything you need to set up your wall mount with ease. The user manual is easy to follow and the mounting hardware means you don’t have to spend any extra money on tools and equipment to set it up. 

With 4.7 stars from over 21,300 reviews, this is the perfect product for those who are looking for a high quality item that is going to last a long time. Ideal for any situation or monitor whether it is for television or gaming.

A lot of praise has come for the sturdiness of the product and how well it works with the majority of monitors, allowing for easy rotation and tilting.

Also, the hardware that comes with the kit is also of high quality and means that customers don’t have to wait any longer or spend any more money on the equipment needed. 


  • Can be fully rotated 
  • Made from high quality alloy steel to withstand the weight of the majority of monitors
  • Ideal for both televisions and gamers


  • High price


Mounting Dream Monitor Wall Mount TV Bracket

Mounting Dream Full Motion Monitor Wall Mount TV Bracket for 10-26 Inch LED, LCD Flat Screen TV and Monitor, TV Mount with Swivel Articulating Arm, Monitor Mount Up to VESA 100x100mm and 33LBS MD2463

Our second pick is from Mounting Dream and is their Full Motion Monitor Wall Mount TV Bracket.

Like our top pick, this is full rotating wall mount and tilts 15 degrees meaning you can watch or game with complete comfortability.

Robot welding technology means that this is hugely safe and sturdy as well as being durable and easy to install. This is the perfect item for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up their wall mount.

Its rotation means that it will reduce any glare that can make for an uncomfortable viewing experience.

With an average of 4.7 stars from over 8,500 reviews, this is a great alternative to our top pick for those who may not have a high budget.

Ideal for those with smaller monitors, this is a great choice for those who like to game and want to have a more comfortable and custom experience with their monitor.

This is also a perfect product for those who want a wall mount that is incredibly easy to install as anyone of any technical ability will be able to install it. 


  • Great price point
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Sturdy and durable design


  • Cannot take any monitor that exceed 33lbs


WALI TV Wall Mount

WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor Full Motion 15 inch Extension Arm Tilt Swivel for Most 13 to 30 inch LED TV Flat Panel Screen with VESA up to 100x100mm (1330LM), Black

Our third pick is from WALI and is their smaller wall mount. Available in a larger option, this wall mount is made from metal meaning that it is hugely sturdy as well as being able to rotate fully and tilted to your content.

Compatible with most small screens, this is the best pick for those on a budget but also want a metal wall mount to ensure its durability.

Equipped with everything you need to set up as well as a 10 year protection and support should you ever need it, you can have peace of mind when making this purchase.

With a 4.6 star average from over 9,500 reviews, this is the best option for those on a budget. It can be a bit tricky to initially install as it can be stiff but once in place and used, it will work absolutely fine.

It can be installed on any kind of surface such as brick, concrete or wall making it hugely versatile and convenient for those who need a mount to go into a tricky material.


  • Great price point
  • Compatible with smaller screens
  • Can be installed into a variety of different surfaces


  • Can be a bit stiff to install but does loosen up with use


Mount-It! MI-2829 Small TV Monitor Wall Mount

Mount-It! MI-2829 Small TV Monitor Wall Mount | RV TV Mount | VESA Wall Mount | Fits 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 27 32 Inch Screens | 75 100 VESA Compatible | Low-Profile Slim Design | 44lb Capacity

Our penultimate pick is from Mount-It! and is the best option for those who simply want to tilt their screens rather than rotate the monitor.

The Mount-It! MI-2829 is a simpler structure than the previous recommendations which makes it ideal for those who don’t want a hugely complex design and don’t plan to move their screen a lot.

Equipped with everything you need to set up, you will also have access to the customer support team should you need it as well as a 5 year warranty should you face any problems with the mount.

With 4.6 stars from over 1,100 reviews, the MI-2829 has VESA wall mount fixtures meaning that the majority of monitors should be able to fit onto it.

It can hold up monitors that weigh up to 44lbs which is ideal for the majority of screen sizes.

The slim design means that the monitor will look sleek in a room and won’t be bulky with the monitor sticking too far out. 


  • Great price point
  • Ideal for those who want to tilt their screens
  • Sleek design means that the monitor will be in line with the wall


  • Cannot rotate the screen


WALI Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Gas Spring Wall Mount

WALI Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Gas Spring Wall Mount Fit 2 Screens VESA up to 27 inch, 14.3 lbs. Weight Capacity per Arm (GSWM002), Black

Our final pick is another mount from WALI and is the ideal choice for gamers.

Their dual LCD Monitor Wall Mount holds two monitors which is great for those who like to game and the option to rotate and tilt allows for a comfortable experience which is crucial with gamers, especially if they are playing for long periods of time. 

The Gas Spring is made from hugely sturdy materials which allows for reliability and ease of movement.

You can move the monitors to your desired position with the knowledge that your monitors are completely safe.

With 4.3 stars from over 1,400 reviews, the WALI Dual LCD Monitor Wall Mount comes with everything to set it up as well as 10 years protection and support from their customer service team should you need it.

The extension arms are great for those who want a custom experience with each arm holding up to 14.3lbs.

This is great for those setting up home offices or needing two monitors for their work as they can assist in creating more space for you to organise your room.


  • Ideal for gamers and office workers who work from home
  • Dual wall mount is great for smaller screens
  • Made from sturdy materials to ensure durability and reliability


  • High price point

Best Monitor Wall Mount Buying Guide

When looking at monitor wall mounts, there are many factors to consider as a faulty or low quality wall mount can result in a lot of damage to your monitor, the wall and the floor if it falls out of place.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your purchase is going to last a long as well as making sure that the quality of the materials are going to withstand the weight of the monitors.

As you can see from our recommendations, there are wall mounts better suited for certain monitors whether that be for maximum rotation, tilting or dual monitors.

Whatever your needs, we have covered it in our choices and have curated this Buyers Guide to give you further information that you should look for if you are wishing to conduct any further research.

When purchasing a monitor wall mount, you have to think about how many monitors you want to mount, the size of the monitors, the structure of the mounts and finally the budget you wish to spend.

Once you have considered all of this then you will be able to make a fully informed decision as to which one is the best wall mount to suit your needs.

How many monitors

The amount of monitors is the first thing to note. As most wall mounts cater for one monitor, there are some out there that have a dual extension should you require a mount that has two.

However, a lot of wall mounts don’t take up a lot of space so you could buy two separate mounts if that’s what you prefer.

Usually separate mounts can handle more weight than one with dual extensions as the main body of the mount doesn’t have to withstand the weight of more than one monitor. 

Size of the monitor

The size of the monitor is the next thing to consider as mentioned previously, wall mounts have particular maximum weights that they can withstand.

Making sure you keep within the parameters of the instruction manual as you’re at risk of major damage. 

Structure of the wall mount

The structure of the wall mount is hugely important as you want to ensure that the monitor is propped up at an angle that is preferable to you.

As wall mounts are made from various materials, you want to ensure that the mount is made from metals such as steel for larger monitors so you can be assured of its stability.

Also, most wall mounts allow for custom rotating or tilting so you can have your monitor in the most comfortable position.

Another important feature regarding the structure is what surfaces the wall mount can be installed onto. As some can only be set up onto certain materials, there are some that can be installed onto more difficult surfaces such as brick.


Lastly consider the budget you have in mind. As wall mounts can add up to a lot that may stretch over your budget if you have one, it’s important to note that there are plenty of great quality options at a great price.

The recommendations given in this article are the best on the market at the moment because they don’t compromise your bank account whilst being made from the best materials that provide the longevity and stability needed for the monitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mount a monitor without mounting holes?

Most monitors come with mounting holes nowadays, however, if yours don’t have them, fear not. To mount your monitor without mounting holes, you have to make the mounting holes yourself.

If you’re not tech savvy then it is best to seek the assistance of a professional who can do it for you.

On the other hand, if you feel confident that you can do it yourself, you can measure where the mounting holes should be, remove the back of the monitor and drill the holes where they should go.

Bear in mind that this latter option is done at your own risk and can cause permanent damage to your television if not done correctly. 

Do monitor arms fit all monitors?

Monitor arms do not fit all monitors so always bear this in mind when purchasing the monitor arm.

You want to ensure that it fits well to avoid the monitor falling off or slipping out of place.

If you want the freedom to move your monitor around then aim to get a monitor arm that can move around.

How do I know if my monitor is mountable?

On the back of your monitor, you should be able to see a pattern of screws which signify that the monitor is ready to be mounted on the wall.

Usually, the screw pattern on the back follows the VESA wall mount which is a standard to ensure the security and stability of the monitor.