Best TV Stand for Multiple Games Consoles

Best TV Stand for Multiple Games Consoles

Whether you keep things retro with classics like the SNES or the Sega Megadrive or stick to contemporary consoles from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, you want to play in style.

Unless you’re a teenage boy, in which case you likely don’t care at all.

For those looking to proudly display their video game collection whilst keeping everything organized and wired up to the TV, there’s a lot of choice in a range of price brackets.

Can anyone find a stand that looks good and has plenty of room?

The answer to that question is yes!

We’ve gathered up five of our favorite entertainment centers, fit to hold at least four or five consoles of your choice. As we’re catering to multiple budgets, hopefully, there’s a product that suits your needs.

Wondering about how we define quality when it comes to choosing the products we promote?

Have a look at our Buyer’s Guide, where we outline features we think are worth considering when you’re looking at investing in a decent piece of furniture.

If you’re still wondering about something, why not consult the set of FAQs at the end.

Having compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions from other customers looking for the perfect TV and console stand, we may well have answered yours.

In a hurry? Here’s Our Top Pick:


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Walker Edison Furniture Universal Stand for TVs up to 60 inches

Walker Edison Wren Classic TV Console Entertainment Media Stand with Storage for Televisions up to 65 Inches, 58 Inch, Espresso

Offering a beautiful TV stand at a budget friendly price, Walker Edison Furniture’s Farmhouse range was the clear choice for our number one product.

There are numerous lovely colors to choose from, light and dark, with several finishes.

Composed from a high grade, certified Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), this is a unit that’s built to last for years to come.

The height of the shelves is adjustable, offering an element of personalization that other units don’t.

With four distinctive shelf segments, there’s room enough for plenty of consoles, each with their own section.

Supporting up to 250lb of weight, there’s no need to worry about the sturdiness of this shelf – it’s definitely dependable.

Boasting in-built cable management features, you’re able to run your cords around the back, disguising them from view.

Simultaneously making life easier and keeping your living area organized, this is an excellent choice for those who like order.

Able to accommodate televisions up to 60 inches in size, it’s really affordable when measured against competing products.

Be aware that assembly will take at least an hour, if not longer, for those who aren’t DIY professionals.


  • Fourteen different color choices – versatile, yet cost-effective
  • Solid MDF construction, adjustable shelves
  • Inbuilt cable organization for easy hooking up of games consoles
  • Holds TVs up to 60 inches


  • Requires complete assembly, customer reviews suggest purchasing additional wood glue as the amount provided is not enough according to some


Furinno Turn-N-Tube No Tools Entertainment TV Stand For TVs Up to 32 Inches

Furinno Turn-N-Tube No Tools Entertainment TV Stands, Dark Brown/Black

Though more affordable than other products we’ve highlighted, Furinno’s cleverly designed Turn-N-Tube entertainment system requires zero tools to assemble.

With plenty of room for a medium TV and two or three consoles, it’s ideal for students.

Made from CARB compliant composite wood, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), it assembles in ten minutes following the simple twist, turn and stack mantra. Even someone with no DIY experience could do it!

In spite of its humble appearance, it’s functional yet stylish, available in multiple colors to suit a variety of rooms and aesthetics.

You’re able to adjust the tube and panel systems to sit at different heights, just by adding or removing tiers.

As an open display style shelf, it’s very easy to set up multiple systems around the same TV – remember, it needs to be 32 inches or less, allowing for overhang. Though wires will be on show, it’s possible to organize them neatly.

Customers report that its low profile, attractive design offers a great deal of space and a whole lot of value for your money.

It may not be as strong and stable as alternatives, but it’s definitely sturdy enough to depend on as a starter unit.


  • Especially affordable in comparison to other options
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Easily put together in a matter of minutes
  • No frills, sturdy design that’s actually dependable


  • Not suitable for TVs larger than 32 inches


Lumina Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70 inches

Ameriwood Home Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70", White

Not only does this gorgeous TV stand from Lumina have enough room for up to 70 inches of screen space, as well as multiple games consoles, there’s even a whole fireplace.

Those looking for the ultimate in aesthetic storage: your search is over.

Using sturdy metal and white MDF particleboard alongside tempered glass, this is a sleek and contemporary stand, with six open shelves for systems, DVDs, games and accessories.

You’ll notice a significant price increase here, but that is to be expected.

Illuminated by LED, your electronics, consoles and other display pieces can be lit up in blue whenever you’d like, for a cooler vibe more befitting of game night.

Metal feet and 20lb of storage capacity per shelf make for an especially sturdy set up.

A highly realistic fireplace insert creates all the ambiance of a real roaring flame with adjustable brightness at the touch of a button. None of the smoke, soot or hassle of a real wood burner, with just as much warming energy.

Arriving flat-packed to your home, you’ll need two people to assemble this bad boy, but all of the components you’ll require are found inside the box.

It can be intimidating, but it’s certainly worth the investment of energy once set up.


  • Super cool illuminated shelf display for several consoles
  • Plenty of room for a larger TV
  • Easy to sort cables and connect different devices
  • Realistic fireplace centerpiece creates ambiance in any living room


  • Assembly is not straightforward but results in a totally sturdy unit once put together


Vasagle Entertainment Center Console Table for TVs up to 50 inches

VASAGLE TV Stand for TV up to 50 Inch, TV Cabinet with Open Storage, TV Console Unit with Shelving, for Living Room, Entertainment Room, Industrial, Rustic Brown and Black ULTV39BX

Pairing industrial flair and modern style, this TV stand from Vasagle matches with a wide variety of furniture and room aesthetics.

There’s room for a 50 inch TV, and four open compartments make the perfect homes for numerous consoles.

Constructed using quality MDF, it has a decent capacity of just under 145lb.

Combined with solid legs, constructed from sturdy metal, with adjustable feet that make sure all of your belongings are safely held in place.

Hiding those pesky wires and cables, this entertainment center is great for gamers on a budget.

It’s not as huge and impressive as other options, but you’ll have more than enough space for an excellently organized set up.

Easier than some competing units to assemble, you’ll be able to put it together by yourself in around half an hour.

Everything required for construction is included as part of your purchase, and the central shelving can be adjusted to suit you.

Though it’s not as tall as you might expect, it’s certainly sturdy enough to depend on, and lightyears better than the floor!

At this price, there’s very little to complain about – it’s an affordable piece of furniture you won’t regret buying.


  • Neutral but nice-looking style, will fit in amongst most room designs
  • Assembly is not too taxing, won’t take much longer than 30 minutes
  • Room for a medium to large TV and several consoles
  • Organization friendly, keeps things neat


  • Not as well finished and carefully manufactured as more expensive options, which you might expect


Homecho Industrial Rustic Media Entertainment Center


Last but certainly not least is this simplistic tiered shelving system from Homecho.

It’s a charmingly retro mid century piece with timeless appeal, easily fitting alongside any individual aesthetic, in rustic brown and matte black.

Held aloft by strong metal arms, the dense chipboard shelves are stable and secure, with a weight capacity of up to 200lb.

Four adjustable feet allow you to alter the unit’s height, whilst simultaneously minimizing the risk of scratching hardwood floors.

Two defined sections, one longer and the other shorter, offer more than enough storage space for your consoles and accessories. Unless you’re very careful, keeping the wires tidy is hard without additional cable organization kits!

All required hardware for assembly is provided, alongside clear instructions; it should be complete in around thirty minutes or less.

Though shorter than you might anticipate, it has all of the necessary space to be an excellent entertainment center.

A natural wood grain finish is not quite comparable to a traditional, hand carved unit, but looks wonderful at this price point.

For a starter home, dorm room or family on a budget, this is nothing to turn your nose up at.


  • Adjustable feet allow you to change the unit’s height
  • Room for TVs up to 55 inches
  • Natural looking finish from solid MDF construction
  • Curved edges to prevent accidental injury from collision


  • On the smaller side – may not be able to fit a console collection on the larger side

Best TV Stand for Multiple Games Consoles Buying Guide

Features To Consider:


This one is a no brainer: you’re putting your faith in this stand, accepting that it will faithfully support your beloved television and games consoles.

Make sure you opt for a design that uses quality materials you can depend on.

Unless you’re willing to buy second hand, or spend some serious money on real wood furniture, you’re mostly looking at shelves made from MDF, also known as chipboard, derived from hard and soft wood.

Either paired with metal attachments or consisting of multiple wooden components neatly screwed into place, these are available in a much greater range of colors.

They won’t last as long as higher end, high quality units, but they serve a purpose.

Each shelf will have a weight capacity, and a decent manufacturer clearly displays this. It shouldn’t be too much of a worry, but be sure to bear it in mind, especially if you have a large TV or more consoles than the average customer.


Largely determined by the size of your television, provided that it’s going to stand on it rather than hang above.

You need enough room for the whole TV to safely rest, with as little overhang as possible. This ensures a steady, wobble free setup.

Similarly, if you’re only wanting two or three consoles, you won’t need as much additional space as someone who has every generation of every device ever made. This may sound obvious, but be sure to measure your space accurately!

You’d be surprised at how small the footprint of a shelf that can accommodate both your TV and your consoles can actually be.

Clever uses of space minimize the overall area taken up, without compromising on your amount of display room.


The more consoles you want on display, the more shelves you should have, especially if you’re throwing games, controllers and other accessories into the mix.

Separate, distinct section shelves are the best and have the cleanest look.

If one or two horizontal shelves is all you’re after, aim for a longer stand. Unless you want everything cramped up and all of your wires potentially tangled, you should have room to leave plenty of space between each console.

Each shelf should have its own weight capacity, so do check that the plans you have for every section will actually work in practice.

You don’t want to go to the hassle of assembly, only for everything to collapse because the unit’s overloaded.

Open Backed?

In order to properly organize your cables (unless you plan on drilling holes, which we don’t recommend unless you’re experienced) then open backed shelves are your best bet.

You’ll be able to more easily switch between HDMI cables when needed.

Otherwise, your TV stand is going to look quite a mess, with wires snaking out of the shelves and around the back in order to plug in.

This is very distracting and, to some, an eyesore. Tidy, minimalist approaches are actually conducive to better gaming!


On the other hand, you might also want a unit that comes with storage, including cupboards and drawers, for storing away accessories and games.

It’s possible to get a combination of open backed shelf space and solid storage if you’d prefer.

Weigh up the number of consoles you have and the size of your TV against the amount of controllers, physical copies of games and other accessories you have.

This might help you decide whether backed shelves or secure storage matters more!


Any manufacturer can say their product is easy to assemble, but your fellow customer will never lie.

Scout the reviews section to find out exactly what you’re looking for in terms of construction time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay if my TV is bigger than my stand?

Unfortunately, it’s generally advised that your TV stand should, at minimum, be the same width as your TV is.

An inch or two of overhang on either side of the stand is acceptable, provided you don’t have any children or animals around!

Another option is to choose a stand that’s considerably wider than your TV, which gives you the freedom to store consoles or other items on either side. Otherwise, if it’s possible to wall mount, that might be your best bet.

Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

The answer to this question depends on your own circumstances!

Though it requires a little more effort, mounting your TV saves you an awful lot of space, allowing you more choice when it comes to the stand you choose for your games consoles.

However, not every TV can be wall mounted out of the box, nor does everyone feel comfortable mounting one to the wall in the first place.

You can enlist a professional or skilled friend, but that costs money (unless the latter is especially kind!)

Of course, buying the equipment you need is easy if you know what you’re looking for, but what if your TV isn’t compatible with wall mounting? Or you can’t afford to buy any additional equipment right now, alongside a TV stand?

Either way, you’ll be able to determine which option is best for you, and you can always change your mind in the future.

Can all HDMI cables be used interchangeably?

As the most commonly used audio-visual connection cable in the modern world, HDMI connectors will likely be compatible with most of your smart devices.

Many games consoles come with their own HDMI cable, whilst others require your own.

It is possible to use all HDMI cables universally. For instance, the one provided with a Nintendo Switch could be used to connect your Playstation to your TV, and vice versa. Some are longer than others, however, so bear that in mind!