Best Fixed TV Wall Bracket

If you are looking at freeing up a little floor space then the fixed TV wall bracket is arguably the easiest to fit and common choice amongst DIY’ers.

It’s basic design makes it lightweight and suitable for most flat screen televisions. 

If you’re looking for a TV wall bracket that offers more adjustments such as a tilting feature checkout my other post here>> Tilting TV Wall Brackets

Although basic in design this flat to wall TV bracket claims it is compatible with 99% of TV brands and comes in 32″ to 70″ & 42″ to 100″ versions.

This wall bracket is manufactured in one-piece from heavy gauge steel with maximum load capacity of 45kg. 

It even has an integrated bubble level, although in my experience, they are rarely a good guide to whether the bracket is level so always use good quality a spirit level!

This One For All TV Bracket has a fixed wall-to-TV distance of only 25mm and is suitable for Televisions from 32″ to 60″ . All mounting materials such as screws, concrete anchors and spacers are delivered with the wall mount for a quick and straightforward setup. 

The One For All TV Brackets work with all types of TVs of any brand. The SOLID line of TV Brackets features a robust design that ensures optimal support of your TV.

One For All are a well know brand in video and AV accessories they are best known for their range of television universal remote controls.

The  Sanus TV bracket is a premium product which has a Universal mounting design for TV’s & Monitors sizes 37″ to 80″

It’s super low-profile design places the TV just 1.84″ from the wall giving that sleek appearance, but be aware as nice as the TV looks sitting right against the wall this leaves little space for power and video cables so you may want to look at installing a recessed socket such as a Syncbox,  See Accessories category for more information on Syncbox

This is a great idea that I’ve not seen before, a white TV bracket! This Unobtrusive mount makes the bracket disappear inconspicuously behind the television.

Ultra Strong: Weight tested up to 75kg this TV bracket is compatible with all TVs with mounting holes from 200mm x 200mm (VESA Standard) upwards. Supports from 37 to 90 inch screens.

Extremely flat profile allows for your modern and space-saving interior design needs!

If you’ve never installed a TV wall bracket before check-out our beginners guide