Samsung No Gap Wall Mount

Samsung No Gap Wall Mount Review

I am in the fortunate position of being able to check-out all of the latest and greatest TV’s & TV & bracket solutions.

Over the past 5 years a large part of my job (co-ownership of a Smart-home company) has been installing 88″ TV’s, Wallpaper and Mirror TV’s! This has allowed me to gain lots of knowledge on the installation of TV’s and the various types of bracket and mounting systems available.

So enough of my background in the AV industry and more on the topic of the post, the Samsung No Gap TV Mount.

I’ve had the pleasure of installing 2 of these now although as a company we have installed many.


Exclusive to QLED

TThe WMN-M15EA wall mount is exclusively for the Samsung Q7, Q8 & Q9 QLED range of TV’s up to the size of 65″.

There is also a model for larger the larger TV size 75″.

All QLED TV’s have a recess in the rear panel allowing the mount to slot into so when pushed back against the wall you get the ‘No Gap’ wow factor.

along with the QLED range, the increasingly popular ‘Frame TV’ employs the same mounting solution for that picture appearance. In this case the no gap mount is packaged with the TV set.


Samsung One Connect Box

The zero gap is really only achievable due to Samsung’s ‘One Box’ design. Samsung has cleverly chosen to remove all direct connections to the back of the TV and supplied an auxiliary box to be located in a cabinet or cupboard with the rest of the AV gear. The signals and power are then connected to the TV using a near-invisible thin translucent cable.

The issue with this design is you need to find a place to hide this box! One solution is to conceal it in an in-wall box behind the TV or is a TV unit or cupboard below the TV.

In the Box

When opening up the box you are presented with not a lot! This is a good thing as the mount design is so simple and clever that you don’t need a multitude of different bolts and screws and spacer as per most universal brackets because this is specifically tailored to the Samsung QLED.

Buy Samsung No Gap Wall Mount for QLED TVs 49

Essentially there are 2 main parts to the mount. There is the wall plate which simply fixes to the wall and a tilting mount which attaches into the slot of the rear of the TV. 

This is all made very simple as all of the anchors, machines screws and a template are supplied in the box.

If you are fortunate enough to own one of Samsung’s fantastic QLED TV’s then this is the bracket for you, especially with it’s unparalleled no gap design.

Key Features:

  • Distance From The Wall – Min 0mm Max 7mm
  • Tilt – Yes
  • Horizontal Level Adjustment – Yes
  • Compatibility – QLED TV QLED O/C model Only
  • TV Size – 49/55/65 or 75″