TV Stand With Mount

TV Stands With Mount

TV Stands with Mount

Wall mounting your TV has become very popular, this is not only for aesthetic reasons but for the space saving it can offer in today’s smaller homes.

However, there are many reasons why wall mounting your TV may not be the best option.

1.     Mounting a TV on a wall is not the simplest of tasks without the correct guidance as there are many factors to consider. Check out Beginners Guides HERE


2.     You must consider how you are going to power the TV


3.     In addition to point 1. Hiding the cables from sight is preferable but can be very difficult especially if it is a stone wall


4.     Choosing the best TV bracket can be a bit of a minefield with so much choice! Go HERE for more help



5.     If you have a set-top box, where do you locate it if you wall mount your TV?

So what are your options….

 TV stands offer many benefits over the more modern option of wall mounting your TV. The first that springs to mind is the simplicity of it. Wiring is not a problem as some premium TV Stands have integrated mounts and cable management. 

This option allows you to have the benefit of a wall mounted TV with the flexibility of have your TV adjustable on a pole mount bracket.

There are also stands that you simply just sit your TV on using the TV’s built in legs. For more information on these options go HERE:

As I’m in the business of AV and often offer solutions for mounting TV’s I have done a bit of research into TV stands and have listed below my favourites!

AVF Affinity Chepstow 930 TV Stand With Mount For TVs Up To 65″, Oak

AVF Affinity Chepstow

This glass and solid wood veneer stand is very stable but has a surprisingly small footprint lending itself to a space saving solution for the corner of a room or flat against a wall.

One of the obvious benefits from this TV Stand is that it incorporates glass shelving which is a great place to put your set-top-box or Blu-ray player. Wall mounting a TV is not always feasible so this is a great alternative.

AVF Afinity Chepstow

There’s nothing worse than seeing cables dangling behind a TV, thankfully this is also taken care of by the cable management system allowing the cables to be hidden between the TV and the shelves.

Suitable for TV’s up to 37kg this covers most TV’s up to 65”

I have not personally assembled this stand but customer reviews say that the instructions are ‘clear and logical’ which is always welcome when home assembly is required.


This modern design TV stand would be a good solution for the corner of a room. With its triangular design and angled TV Mount it could save you precious space.

If you do decide to place it in the corner of a room, fitting a TV larger than 50” will overhang the sides of the Stand. This does not pose an issue as it is rated up to 65” TV or 45kg max weight.

AVF Como

The AVF Como has 2 black tinted safety glass shelves for your AV equipment and on top is an additional piece of glass which could be an ideal location for your sound bar or centre speaker.

AVF Como Stand


This TV stand is also available in Walnut veneer. See >>HERE