How to mount a monitor without holes

How to Mount a Monitor Without Holes

Having a mounted monitor can make your set-up – whether that be gaming set-up or office space – much more user friendly. However, the downside is that monitors have not historically been designed for the purposes of mounting. Of course, you can buy mountable monitors nowadays, but not everyone is able to splash out on […]

How to mount a TV

How to Mount a TV

Traditionally, we would keep our TVs on a TV stand within the living room. TVs used to be a lot more chunky, and so storing them on top of something was the only option. However, TVs have adapted over the years, and now it is very rare that you will find a chunky TV. Instead, […]

How Much Weight Can Drywall Hold

What is Drywall? If your house was built n the last 50 years then it is very likely that your walls and ceiling are made from drywall. Drywall is basically the modern-day alternative to old-fashioned hand-applied plaster and has all-but replaced plaster use in newer homes. It is a fantastic material that is used to […]

How High To Mount TV

How High To Mount TV

So you’ve decided to mount your TV but now you face the challenge of deciding where to mount it and how high. While some may be limited upon the places where their TV can be mounted, others may have a more expansive wall space providing more possibilities regarding the place where the TV can be […]