How to Mount a TV on Brick

How to Mount a TV on Brick: A Detailed Guide

If you live in a brick house, or the spot where you have chosen to mount your television has brick walls, there are several things you need to know first. The fasteners used to install and hold televisions on drywall are not the same ones used when mounting them on brick walls. For this task, you need to get different fasteners made specifically for the job.

How To Child Proof Your Television

How To Child Proof Your Television

Child proofing your home is a huge task, with so many hazards around each corner it’s a seemingly impossible mission. But lets look at one area of the home where you can make a difference and reduce the chance of injury, your Television. The television attracts young children like a candy shop – this mesmerizing […]

How wide is a 65" TV

How Wide is a 65 inch TV?

Flat screen TV’s have become more accessible and more affordable than ever. As screen sizes have increased the costs have reduced considerably.  The large TV market used to mainly consist of 55″ flat screens however, the 65″ is the new favourite.   According to ‘Statista’ 11.7% of TV sales in 2019 are 65″ in size, […]

How to Find Studs in Wall for TV Mount

How to Find Studs in Wall for TV Mount

You have just purchased your new flat-screen TV and want to mount it on the wall. While it may seem like a simple task, it is not straightforward as it may sound. Many people think it’s all about drilling four holes on the wall and fixing the TV mount on the wall. Well, this might be the case for houses with a wooden finish and they are very few in this country as compared to the ones made or finished with concrete.

TV on wall

How to Install a TV Bracket – Video

Check out this great video from Digital Trends   This video is aimed at the US market but is very similar to what we do here in the UK, the only difference is the type of wiring and sockets shown in the video We’re an affiliate We hope you love our recommendations! Just so […]

Why Wall Mount a TV?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like something was out of place? its often a TV dominating the space in the corner of the room or balanced on top of a cabinet. The way you arrange furnishings and accessories in your house determines its look and feel. It all narrows down to […]

Choosing The Best TV Wall Bracket For Your TV

Whether you are buying a TV wall bracket or have just bought one, there are a lot of things that you need to know about selecting the right bracket and correct installation. Understanding the pitfall’s will help with hassle-free installation.  TV innovation is seemingly endless with new models being released every year incorporating the latest […]